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Hi my Name is Sheila Dickinson Master Instructor of LFA Tai Chi, LFA T’ai Chi Health Arts. Although 25 years is just scratching the surface of the amazing 3,000 year history of T’ai Chi based on the principles of Chinese medicine.

So you may be wondering, what health benefits can you get from practicing LFA Tai Chi? Well, below I’ve listed just a small sample of some of the benefits from training with LFA. 

Why LFA Tai Chi?

Student Testimonials

"I've been doing LFA T'ai Chi for over 5 years. The difference it's made to my health is amazing! IT helped me go and do things I never thought possible - from simply doing a few movements a day. Thanks to John Ward my instructor. "
Hannah Knechtli
Magazine Chef
"What I love about LFA T'ai Chi is it's really easy to learn because of the way they teach it. The health benefits I've had since I started are amazing. I suffered with ME, and now I live life to the full - it's amazing. Thank you LFA Tai Chi"
S Johnston
I.T Consultant
“I got into doing tai chi after having a serious back injury. I was told it could help, it did more than that - it healed my back and i can live life to the full again. I just love the friendly atmosphere in the classes, it's amazing thank you ."
R Livingston
Fire fighter

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