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LFA Tai Chi Form Sets

Tai Chi Form

The movements of our T’ai Chi Form set provide the foundation of all of our other sets. The movements of the Lee Style where designed over three thousand years ago in China by the ancient Taoists. 
It is thanks to their dedication that we have a truly remarkable self help health care system that has been handed down through the centuries.
The Lee Style of T’ai Chi is based on the principles of Chinese medicine and the ancient Taoists often experimented on themselves, sometimes dying in the process to enable us all to better understand our bodies and our place within the universe.
It is with the greatest respect that I give my sincere gratitude to the past Masters of our wonderful Health Arts.
The T’ai Chi form is taught within all LFA T’ai Chi classes; first of all we teach students the mechanics of the form. Firstly we teach you the stances; each stance has a name that has been handed down for many years. 
We teach you correct weight distribution, thus ensuring that no strain is placed on the body. Next we incorporate the hand movements; everyone is encouraged to progress at their own pace. Although the movements are practised slowly please do not be deceived by how much benefit you are getting.

Taoist Yoga

The Lee Style Taoist Yoga teach exercises to help improve the quality of the individuals health.
All of our exercises are practised without strain, if you are unsure please consult your doctor. Because we are all different our exercises can be adapted, we encourage you to progress at your own pace.
Taoist Yoga is taught within all of our classes, one of the LFA qualified instructors will be able to guide you through the movements.
Sometimes we think we are practising them correctly, however because we cannot always see how we are moving our body and instructor will be able to ensure that you personally are receiving the maximum benefit from the exercise.
The LFA hold regular Lee Style Taoist Yoga days, the numbers are limited on these courses, you will need to book your place in advance.
The following exercises are a sample of some of the exercises we teach, the LFA have a medicine chest full of exercises designed to help.

Vitality Set

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